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Chimney Restoration Suffolk County Long Island NY

We Also Offer 24 Hour Emergency Chimney Repair throughout Suffolk County!

Pro Home Construction specializes in renovation, enlargement, lining, relining and chimney restoration on Long Island.

Services and products include repair, renovation and enlargement of the interior of chimneys and stacks as well as the installation of stainless steel and poured masonry chimney lining systems from several top manufacturers.

Some other services we offer are Deck Construction, Deck Repair and more!

Over time just like everything else, Chimneys can wear down and require more attention. This can also be true if they have not been properly maintained over the years. The first thing that we always suggest when dealing with a chimney that may be part of a home you just bought, going to purchase or one that has not had service in a long time would be a chimney inspection. Once that is finished you will have a better understanding of the status of your chimney.



What does a chimney restoration include?


  • Tuckpointing

Also known as repointing, we will restore and damage mortar between bricks and the fireplace.


  • Brick

Any bricks that have been damaged, aged or that require to be replaced will be replaced.


  • Crown

If the crown of your chimney needs to be replaced or repaired


  • Spalled Bricks

Any bricks that are spalled


  • Liner

If the liner in your chimney needs to be replaced or shows damage then it should be replaced during this stage.


  • Clean

If your chimney or fireplace needs to be cleaned so that damage can be seen.


  • Why Choose Pro Home?

We at Pro Home NY have done thousands of chimney restorations over the years. With our experience and knowledge, you can rest easy know that the job will be finished on time and correctly the first time.

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