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If you are considering adding railing to your home, you might be wondering why you should. Well for starts they are a great feature to have near your exterior doors and inside of your home. Railings are something that we will not think about until we or a friend or family member needs them.

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This is a question that we get asked often. We always suggest playing railings in key areas. This includes the exterior of your home and interior. The most common places include patios, entrances and anywhere that has steps leading to or from your home.



Handrails offer your home an extra layer of safety. By just adding a few railings around your home you can help prevent friends and family from experience a nasty fall. For anyone with mobility issues or anyone that knows someone with mobility issues, they know just how important something as small a railing is. Below are some benefits of having railings installed into your home or business.



  • Balance

If you have steps or any type of platform in your home, then adding railings can be a great way to offer those with mobility issue a way to balance them self’s and prevent a fall from happening.


  • Prevent Falls

As we said above, railings on decks can provide a surface to those with mobility issues. Preventing a fall that could hurt someone.


  • Peace of Mind

If you live with someone or have someone visit your home with mobility issues railings can be a peace of mind for you. Knowing that you have provide those with mobility issue an easy way to get around your home.


  • Weather

Living in NY we all know about snow and ice. Railings offer a great solution to ice and snow and other weather conditions. Having the ability to grab the railing can prevent slipping on ice. These railings are installed to provide support during all these conditions.


  • Value

Another benefit that does not regard safety is value. By simplifying adding railings to your home, you can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sale.



If you have a deck with no railings, you may think that you will not need them in the future. Here are a few reasons to add railing to your deck.


  • Adds Value

That is right, adding railings to your home can add value if you ever decide to sale your home. When you put your home on the market, you have no idea who will be the one who purchases your home. They may require railings for reasons known to them and want a move in ready home.


  • Safety


Just like above, adding railings add peace of mind and safety to your home. The same is true for adding railings to your deck. Deck railings can help prevent accidents from happening with those with mobility problems or with small children.


  • Looks

A deck with railings just looks better. It gives the deck that deck look. Other wise it looks just like a patio. With all the colors to choose from, you can truly make it match your house or change it up to your own design preference.



We could go on and on about railings and just how important they are to a home.  Railings are usually the part of a home that will be taken for granted until they are needed. If you are in the market to add railing to your home, then we at Pro Home NY have you covered! Feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below and someone will be in touch shortly!

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