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Owning a wooden fence adds a certain style to your home that makes it yours. However, just like with everything even your wooden fence will need to be repaired. If you are one of those homeowners that always takes care of your house, do not worry. These things just happen over time. Now let us look at some signs that your wood fence needs repaired.

  • Loose Rails

If you notice that your rail is loose from one or worse more of its post its time to have it repaired. If this is caught early enough and if the damage is not too bad, then it can be a simple repair. If this problem is not addressed though, then it could cause rot and thus cause a bigger repair.

  • Rotted or Loose Screening

If you see rot or a loos screen that we suggest having it repaired soon.

  • Post Wobbling

If you have a wobbling post, then we suggest having an experienced fencing company come and look at the post. Since post are in the ground, they can be more difficult to repair depending on the issue.

  • Gate Sagging

A wood fence gate sagging can be caused from a few things. Such as Age, damage from weather elements and just normal wear and tear.

  • Gate Closing

If your gate will not close correctly then it could be due to a few issues. This could be something as simple as the hinges on the gate. Or it could be something that requires another type of repair.

  • Rot

If you notice rot anywhere on your wood fence, then we suggest calling a wood fence company as soon as possible. This could just be on one part of your fence due to age, or it could be taking over your wooden fence due to it not being treated or installed correctly.

  • Broken Parts

If you see any broken parts on your fence, we suggest giving us a call. This could be a simple repair or nothing to worry about.

Overall a wooden fence offers your home that extra home feeling. Allowing kids to go outside without worrying about something happening and so much more. If you have noticed any of these signs on your wooden fence, then free to give us a call or fill out the form below!

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