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Sorting through many colors and style options can be overwhelming. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, it can be difficult to decide which choice is best for your home.

Pro Home Construction INC. offers various siding options to fit any budget or aesthetic design. Providing numerous versions of vinyl, fiber cement and cedar siding, you are sure to find the perfect solution.

We are licensed and insured and our team of siding professionals specialize in all phases of siding work on Long Island. From small repairs, soffits and fascia boards, to complete custom siding renovations, we do it all.

There are alot of different options available, and you can count on us to help you make the right choice for your home.

We are experienced in handling all aspects of Siding including wood siding, metal siding, vinyl siding, soffits, stucco, and more!

Siding is what people passing by your home and visitors first notice about your home’s exterior. There are many types of siding that can go on your home all with their own benefits and features. We have provided some information on the different types of siding and what your home’s siding can do for you, below.

Information on Siding

  • What is your home’s siding?
    Below the roof, your home’s outer most layer can be made of different building materials. Your home’s siding provides protection against weather elements and is a level of insulation.
  • Traditional siding
    The most traditional type of siding. It can be painted, stained, and its shakes (shingles) mostly created out of a select few types of lumber.


  • Board and batten siding
    Is a very creative option with wooden boards of different or the same lengths being installed vertically.


  • Horizontal wood boarding
    This type of siding is made up of thin wood strips laid horizontally.


  • Cedar shake roofing
    Uniformly placed wooden shingles made from cedar or redwood are laid to overlap another surface. We at Pro Home especially enjoy the look and feel of this style of siding.


  • Vinyl
    Vinyl siding has become increasingly popular over the years due to its durability and low maintenance. Vinyl siding is a synthetic material.


  • Brick siding
    Solid brick siding requires masonry work and specialty skills. If it is within your home’s budget, the results are beautiful, and can be worth the timely and somewhat expensive installation.


  • Brick veneer siding
    Is aesthetically pleasing, a great insulator, and very affordable for installation and maintenance.

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