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Siding Installation & Replacement Suffolk County Long Island NY

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We are home siding replacement experts on Long Island.

As one of the first lines of defense against the harsh seasonal weather of New York, house siding can be an incredibly effective way of adding dependable, low-maintenance and visually appealing protection to your home.

Modern home siding installation not only features a wider variety of siding styles that enhance a home’s curb appeal better than ever before, but modern insulated siding advancements are also allowing homeowners to save more and more on monthly energy costs.

With all the types of siding available, from vinyl to stucco, give us a call. We are siding experts on Long Island.

For the last 20 years, Pro Home has installed all types of siding like wood panel, vinyl, cedar shake, and more!

Installing or replacing new siding does not have to be a hassle. It can be made easier if you’re working with the right team of experts and know what to look for. We at Pro Home Construction take great pride in our transparency. So, we have put together some information you as a homeowner should be aware of when it comes to siding installation and replacement. Please contact us directly for an estimate of your home’s siding install or replacement.

Signs Your Siding Need Be Replaced

  • Lifespan
    Your home’s siding need be properly maintained, but should generally give your home 20 years of life depending on the material.  
  • Rotting wood or fungus
    After some time, if your wood siding being exposed to the elements, it is natural that it will eventually deal with moisture. Without proper maintenance it may gain rot or fungus. This is a sign that your wood siding need be replaced.
  • Hail damage
    Picture little hail bullets striking your siding over time, eating away at your siding’s integrity. If there are holes or divots within your siding after a hailstorm then talk to a pro about whether your siding need be replaced.
  • Damaged siding
    If your siding is significantly damaged then call a professional for immediate assistance. Remember, your home’s siding is not just to add charm to your home. It is also for insulation and protection from the elements.
  • Do not DIY, seek a professional
    Attempting to install siding yourself is not recommended. Seek from someone that has the tools and experience needed to get the job right the first time.
  • Dents
    Dented vinyl siding can lead to water being let underneath your siding and even more major issues can occur later.
  • Why Pro Home?  
    Pro Home Construction has installed and replaced siding across Long Island for the last 20 years. We have tons of positive google reviews and look forward to serving your siding needs as well.

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