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Chimney cleaning on Long Island is important. A clean, well-maintained chimney is a safe chimney, so we offer thorough inspections, as well as superior chimney sweeping.

Starting from the bottom, our crew examines the firebox, the damper, the throat area, and the bottom of the flue for damage and use. Then, we check from the top down. We look for loose bricks and creosote buildup, and we check flue tiles.

We search for signs of cracks or missing pieces in tiles, as well as missing mortar joints between the tiles. During our inspection, we check for creosote buildup. If there’s a lot—that means fire danger.

Finally, our crew looks over the crown to ensure it’s free of cracks or deterioration.

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Some of our other services include Skylight repair, skylight leaks, skylight tube installations and much more!

For homeowners, a chimney offers heat, great focal point of the house and provides so many other features to a house. Which is why it is extremely important to make sure that you have your chimney cleaned and maintained. Even if you find your self not using it at all. If you do find your self using it and are not having chimney cleaning done, then you are putting your home at risk for a house fire. Chimney cleanings do more then just make it look nice. In fact, it does a lot more. Let us look at everything a good chimney cleaning does for you and your home.



  • Protects You, Your Family and Home


While this may seem like an over exaggeration on our part, we promise it is not. Your chimney allows smoke, toxins and other dangerous items escape and not enter your home. If your chimney has not been cleaned or inspected then there could be a way for these dangerous gases to escape into your home, causing some serious health issues for you and your family.



  • Efficient

Having your chimney cleaned will help it work more efficiently. When we clean a chimney, we make sure to clean any deposited creosote.



  • Prevention


When you have your chimney cleaned it helps prevent the chance of major repairs down the road. After a Chimney has been cleaned, we are able to go back in and check for any minor damage and catch it before it grows into a bigger issue.


  • Looks

If you have ever seen a chimney that has never been cleaned, or not often you know what an unsightly scene it is.


  • Wildlife

There are times that wildlife can build inside of your chimney. A routine chimney cleaning before and after a ton of use can prevent any harm to wildlife that may have found your chimney as its home.


  • Deterioration

After we perform a cleaning, we can check for deterioration on the crown. If this is covered up, then it can go unnoticed and cause a ton of damage down the road.


  • Check for Missing Pieces.

This might seem like an obvious one. However, gunk and other residue can build up and block any inspection or look through from seeing missing pieces in your chimney. Trust us, you do not want your chimney missing pieces.



We hope that you found this information informative and useful. If you are in the search process of finding the right chimney cleaning company then we at Pro Home NY would love to be a part of that! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below!


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