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We are chimney replacement specialists on Long Island. Most homes on Long Island have masonry chimneys.

When these masonry chimneys go bad (and they all go bad) the repair can be very expensive. Sometimes it may be more cost effective to rebuild the entire chimney.

We are licensed and insured, with years of chimney building experience on Long Island. Give us a call to discuss your options. Avoid damage to your home by leaving it to a professional.

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Often, we find that people will forget about their chimney and the maintenance that it needs. Thinking that it is a worry-free part of their home. However, problems do come from having a chimney. If your chimney is damaged it can lead to several other major issues happening in your home. Here is a list of signs that you may need to have your chimney replaced.

  • Efflorescence

If you notice a white discoloration within your chimney, then you have a moisture problem some where in your chimney. A cleaning and inspection will help identify where the moisture is coming from. However, if this is a problem that you have let fester over the years then it could be to late and you may require a chimney replacement.

  • Rust

Looking over your chimney if you see rust on your damper or firebox then you know that you have excess moisture in your chimney. Now if you have rust there could be more extensive damage in your chimney such as cracked flue tiles. This will require a chimney sweep to determine if you can have your chimney fixed or replaced.

  • Spalling

Spalling can be noticed from bits of masonry around the bottom of the structure. This happen when moisture enters masonry, it can make the surface of your chimney to come off, or even flak off. If this type of damage has spread to far in your chimney, then it will be time for a new chimney.

  • Deteriorating Mortar Joins

This is an issue that if caught early enough can just be repaired. However, if left unrepaired then you will just accelerate the deterioration of the entire chimney.

  • Shaling

Do you see thin slices of chimney in your fireplace? Then it is a good chance that the flue is damaged. This lining is required to safely operate the fireplace.

  • Crown Damage

This first line of defense prevents damage like spalling and shaling. In order for you to see if your chimney crown has been damaged you will more than likely need to get on your roof and inspect your chimney crown.

  • Damaged Wallpaper

If you notice wallpaper on the walls surrendering your chimney, then it is a sign that moisture has gotten into your chimney.  This can be repaired if caught early enough. If left unrepaired then a new chimney could be required.

Overall, we hope that you found this information informative and now know the signs that you may need a new chimney. As always, we suggest having a chimney company come out and look at your chimney to confirm this is the case. If you would like us at Pro Home NY to be your chimney replacement company of choice, then feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below!

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