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Even though a chimney cap on Long Island is a minor and relatively inexpensive installation many homeowners question whether it is necessary or not.

The truth is that this small amount of metal protecting your chimney can prevent numerous mishaps from taking place and save a homeowner thousands of dollars in unnecessary chimney repair or damage expenses.

So ultimately you may not need a chimney cap in place for functional purposes, but unless you want headaches down the road (and little critters running through your home), a properly installed chimney cap is a must.

A chimney cap will prevent animals from entering your home, keep the moisture out, and protect the roof from burning embers starting a house fire. A chimney cap is a covering for the top of your chimney, and it usually includes wire mesh. It makes a great deal of sense to install a chimney cap, when you look at the benefits.

A chimney cap prevents water from entering the chimney. Moisture can enter the flue anytime it rains, without a chimney cap. This can cause water to get inside the attic or house as it runs down the brickwork. The moisture can damage your walls and ceiling.

A chimney cap can stop downdrafts from entering the home. Downdrafts can cause your home to fill with smoke. Especially in windy areas, a chimney cap can be extremely beneficial in helping to make the home more energy efficient. Cold blasts of air are prevented from entering into homes equipped with a chimney cap. Give us a call today to have your cap replaced.

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Chimney caps are a key part of any chimney. In a very basic sense, they keep things in and other things out of your chimney. Let’s take a look at some of the things Chimney caps covers can do for your chimney


  • Prevent Water from Getting in


Water and moisture can cause a ton of damage to your chimney Once water gets into your chimney you can expect it to cause a ton of damage.


  • Stop Drafts


If you have ever owned a chimney or visited someone that does, you may remember that sometimes a draft can come through it. However, with a chase cover it can help prevent those drafts.


  • Contain

These can help keep embers and sparks from reaching your roof and causing it damage.


  • Wildlife

Wildlife getting into chimneys is something everyone has heard of, even if they never owned one before. A Chimney caps will help prevent that.


Now let us look at the signs that you need to replace your Chimney caps.



  • Rust

If you notice rust around your chase cover then it’s time to replace it.


  • Spalled Bricks


While spalled bricks can be a sign of several other issues, one common one is a bad Chimney caps. We suggest having an expert come out and find the problem for you.


Hopefully, this information has been useful and informative. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel to reach out to us by phone or by filling out the form below!


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