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Skylight Installation Suffolk County Long island NY

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Skylights replacements or installations on Long Island can be selected as a functional source of daylight for a dark room or they can be used as a feature to turn a dark room into the best room in the house.

Natural lighting is an important tool in attaining sustainability.

Therefore, reduction in the use of artificial lighting is vital. Skylight installation has many benefits including cost savings on electricity and heat.

Besides that it has physiological benefits of increased natural light in our environment, as well as aesthetic and design benefits.

We are licensed and insured, and specialize in installing and repairing all types of skylights on Long Island. Give us a call today for a free skylight estimate.

Pro Home can handle installs for all types of skylights such as tubular, ventilating, fixed, tilt window, and more!

Replacing your home’s old skylight or installing a new skylight does not have to be a hassle. With the right company it can be easy and affordable. Still, there are some key pieces of information that need be considered or known. We at Pro Home Construction have put together this information below and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Key Points on Installing A Skylight.

  • Why install a new skylight?
    There are many benefits to installing a new skylight into your home. Perhaps you’re interested in saving money on your electricity bill or simply replacing the old skylight system on your home. Regardless, you should seek the help of a professional for this project. 
  • Replacement
    If you currently have a skylight on your home but are seeking to get a new roof then now is the time to evaluate. Check the age of your current skylight or ask a professional roofer to check your model. It could save you a lot of money later to do this change now instead of waiting.
  • Cost
    The cost of installing a skylight depends on the level of work needed. Is this a new install or a replacement for your home? What type of skylight need be installed and what is the condition of your roofing system? These are questions that need be answered before a professional can give an estimate.
  • Upgrading
    If this endeavor is to replace the current skylight system of your home then consider upgrading to the newest model or a type that is more beneficial to your home’s current lighting needs.
  • Solar  
    Consider adding solar powered blinds which could qualify you for a federal tax credit.
  • Location
    Consider where the skylight will be placed within your home. Think on the aesthetics and where the lighting is desired.
  • Skylight type
    With so many variations all providing their own unique benefits, you as the homeowner need to know which type will meet your needs. Does your roof have obstructions that stop you from adding a skylight to your hallways? Then find a pro to install a tube skylight. These are the questions we at Pro Home Construction ask in order to satisfy our customer needs. Consider calling us or filling out our contact form below for your skylight installation.

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