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To give extra protection to your shingle roofs, a careful homeowner has to consider the advantages of installing copper, aluminum or rubber flashing on Long Island.

This is installed in places on the roof where shingles can’t provide complete cover, such as places where slopes meet, spaces around units installed on the roof, or eaves where the edge of the roof meets the gutter system.

Copper flashing is a durable choice, and is also corrosion resistant so it is ideal for installation in homes near the ocean, or for houses with a mortar structure.

With all the advantages installing flashing has, Pro Home Construction installs copper, aluminum and rubber flashing for your home.

So speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff, and we’ll be glad to get you the proper flashings that will fit your needs and budget.

We are licensed and insured and would be glad to offer a free estimate for any flashing needs.

Other services we offer are Skylight leak repair, skylight tube installations, roof inspections and more!

Roof flashing simply put is a think roll of metal. Which is resistant to several weather conditions and moisture. As well as high levels of wind. This can be made of a few materials, such as lead, galvanized steel, aluminum or copper. Then this material is rolled into place, sealed which prevents issues like water damage and mold. Now let us go over what areas of your roof that need roof flashing.



  • Chimneys

Roof flashing will seal the intersections of your chimney and the roof, helping prevent any leaks getting through the gap between the two. The flashing slides underneath your roof shingles above the chimney and overlaps the shingle row on the lower side of your chimney.


  • Vents

Here the flashing will go underneath the shingles next to the vent. Below the vent the roof flashing should be placed on top of the shingles and then sealed. Just for good measure always make sure you vent cap was put back on top of the vent.


  • Skylights

For the most part a continuous piece of roof flashing is used to create the needed seal for your skylight. This prevents water from getting in the cracks around your skylight. Since they usually protrude out from the roof, there will be plenty of space to allow for adequate roof flashing.



There are other features of a home that may require roof flashing. However, these were just some of the ones that we run into the most. Now let’s take a look at some signs of damaged roof flashing.



  • Holes


While it may seem like this is an obvious one. Any size hole in your roof flashing will allow water to get into places that its not supposed to be. Causing serious damage to your home and roof.


  • Rust / Corrosion

Roof flashing will corrode over time. While certain materials will last longer than others, everything will rust or corrode. When this happens your rusted roof flashing will no longer repel water.


  • Internal Leaks


If you are noticing leaks on the inside of your house or around features such as skylights, then there is a chance that your roof flashing could need to be repaired or replaced. We suggest having a roofing come out and look to ensure that the correct repair is done.


  • Damage


This includes bends, cracks, dents and worn roof flashing. While these may seem minor, it can break the galvanized coating on the steal or even weaken the structure on the other metals. Once metal is compromised it will become more susceptible to corrosion.




We hope that this information we provided you about roof flashing was informative and helped with any questions or concerns you may have with your own roof flashing. If you have any question or if you need having roof flashing repaired or installed give us a call or fill out the form below!

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