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Downspouts and drainage on Long Island is an essential part of any gutter system as they direct the flow of water away from the property to prevent foundation damage.

Pro Home Construction Inc. understands the importance of properly installed downspouts and their placement. Our expert team of installers can help with your drainage issues.

We can help with your home's downspout installation and have helped Long Island homeowners for over 20 years!

Downspouts are a great addition to your homes gutter system and a good way to further protect your home from water seeping into your foundation. We at Pro home wanted to provide some information on this addition, below.

Information on Downspouts

  • What are downspouts?
    A downspout is a light tube that directs outward to further send water away from your home’s foundation.


  • Aesthetics
    Downspouts can be buried and still provide the same function. They are not very good looking, but this solves that issue.


  • Lifespan
    Downspouts can add to the lifespan of your home by moving unnecessary water away from its foundation.


  • Professional help
    An improperly installed downspout can lead to overflowing gutters which can damage your home as well as your gutter system. Do not attempt to handle this project on your own.


  • Maintenance
    Always check your gutters and downspouts or have a professional maintain them otherwise your home will not reap the benefits of the system and they will instead bring worse than good.


  • Gutter guards
    Gutter guards allow for a more even flow of water within your gutters which is hugely beneficial to both your gutters and downspouts. This will lead to less clogs and less damage during increased water flow for long periods of rain.


  • Why Pro Home?  
    We are the specialists you can trust with helping you install downspouts and maintaining them for your home. Trust our testimonials across google and our social media and reach out if you are in need of assistance.

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