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Roof Tarp Installation Suffolk County Long Island NY

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After storm damage covering your roof with a tarp on Long Island becomes an absolute emergency. First things first, you need to get dried in. This is as important, if not more important than actually filing your insurance claim, because it means preventing further damage.

A roof tarp is an emergency repair that is a temporary fix for a roof leak to prevent further damage. that should only be completed by a professional roofer, or an Emergency roof tarping company

Our tarping of roofing and boarding of exterior walls after a storm event is a service not only needed to keep your home secure and stop further damage, but one that is required by and fully covered by most insurance policies. Under insurance policies, temporary repairs are listed as a covered part of the claim.

We also specialize in other services like wood fence repair, Gutters, Gutter repair windows and much more!

If you are looking for roof tarp installation, then chances are your roof is currently having a few issues. While this is a good way for temporary fixes it is not something we suggest for the long term. However, this is a great solution to prevent further damage while you get everything taken care of. Below we will go over in what situations should you use a Roof Tarp Installation and the basics steps during the process.


  • Assess the damage

When doing all roof tarp installations, we always assess the damage. During this process we also clean the debris from the roof to make sure that everything goes smoothly and to see the full extent of the damage.


  • Measure the Area

Making sure to measure the area is extremely important because it ensures that all the damage is covered, and that we get the right size tarp. We always have 5 feet of overhang from the roofs peak. If you have an extra tarp you can hang it safely off the edge.


  • Prep & Position tarp


Making sure that the tarp covers all the damage is extremely important. If you fail to cover damage to your roof, then it can cause further damage to your home and roof. You can use 2 x 4 wooden planks to secure the tarp temporarily.


  • Secure the Tarp

As we said above, 2 x 4s can be used to temporarily secure the tarp. However, for long term you will want to use a screw gun and the 2 x 4s. All edges must be covered otherwise the tarp won’t prevent further damage to your home.



If you choose to have an expert for your roof tarp installation, then here are some factors that go into the pricing. Having an expert install this for you can greatly benefit you in the long run. For simple reasons such as they will also be able to see the damage and inform you on your next steps. Below are some factors that go into the pricing:


  • Size

The size of the tarp, and how much damage your roof has will be some of the major factors in the cost.


  • Time

If you are needing a roof tarp installed after hours or during an emergency this can also raise the price. While it may seem like a dirty tactic, during times of crisis items can be scare and hard to come by. As well as getting these supplies can take longer than normal.



  • What Caused the damage


What initially caused the damage. If you had debris fall onto your roof like a tree or a satellite, then it will cost extra to have that removed. This must be done before the tarp can be installed.




Overall, needing any type of roof repair or installation can be a daunting task. Even more so if something has happened like a bad storm or some other natural disaster. Or if you just need a temporary fix for your roof. We at Pro Home NY are members of the community just like you. We are here with you through the good and the bad. If you would like us at Pro Home NY to be your roofing company of choice, then feel free to give us a call or fill out the form!

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