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Pro Home Construction installs fully-adhered EPDM systems on Long Island. This means that the rubber membrane is glued to the insulation, completely adhering it to the roof.

The seams in the rubber are then bonded with 6″ seam splice tape – twice the size of the industry standard. The fully-adhered application of EPDM practically eliminates human error during installation. With years of experience installing rubber roofing systems, Pro Home Construction is an industry leader in EPDM expertise.

All of our employees are trained and certified EPDM applicators, ensuring consistent and thorough knowledge of the process. Give us a call today for a free EPDM roofing estimate.

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Looking at having an EPDM roof installed on your home or business? This roof is a popular option as it offers several benefits. Below we will list some of the more common benefits, while there are several more just know that these are what we think to be some of the biggest.



  • Cost

If you compare the other roofing options there are, the cost of EPDM is often lower. Which is why this type of roof is often picked by those that are price conscious.


  • Eco Friendly

This material requires very little effort or materials to manufacture and is 100% recyclable. Also, if you choose to have a white EPDM roof, then it will reflect UV rays and reduce your energy cost. Roof gardens are also an option along with solar cell arrays.


  • Long Life Span

The life span for this type of roof is about 20 years. This is if everything is installed correctly. Which is why we suggest having an expert roofing company handle this for you. EPDM roofs are also resistant against hail up to 3 inches and wind.


  • Lower Electric Bill

As we said above. If you choose the polyiso insulation, it will reflect UV rays. Thus, if properly installed it can be great for keeping out the suns heat and keeping heat in the building. Which we all know is a great thing in these winter months.



While this product has several pros, just like everything else it does have some cons. The reason why we list both out is so that our buyers can have all the information in front of them before they decide. Even if they choose to us another company or if they are reading this in an area that we do not service. Some of the cons with EPDM roofing are as follows:


  • Cost of Installation

Now about we did say that cost is a pro, however this was in regards ballasted EPDM systems are usually less expensive roofing systems. However, when you are talking about fully adhered or mechanically attached systems, this is when cost tend to go up.

  • Ugly


Look, were just being honest here. A black rubber roof can be an unsightly scene in certain areas. However, this material can be painted over, using acrylic coatings that are specifically designed for this type of roof. Color can go a long way in making something look more attractive.



  • Fragile


If not, reinforced EPDM can be very fragile. Therefore, we suggest working with a roofing company that has experience with this type of roof. As the roof ages this becomes even more apparent. There is also called something called bridging. This leads to punctures and other issues. If you choose to go with an EPDM roof, make sure to have it maintained at least twice a year by a qualified company.



Overall EPDM roofing offers several benefits with a few cons. If you would like more information or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. You can get in touch with us by phone or by filling out the form below.

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