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Window Leak Repair Suffollk County Long Island NY

We Also Offer 24 Hour Emergency Window Repair throughout Suffolk County!

Pro Home Construction provides with a full spectrum of window & door repair, replacement and installation service on Long Island, including window leak repairs.

A leaking window can cause major damage to your home.

By stopping the leak before it gets worse, saves you money and time.
Request a free estimate today on your home window leak repair.

We are experienced in window leak repairs and have served Long Island for over 20 years!

A window leaking is not just an eye sore. It is harmful to your home. Your windows allow for a nice view while keeping the elements outside. Moisture getting inside your home’s walls can lead to damaged wood and so much more. Seek professional help with this issue. Pro Home would love to be that company you turn to for assistance.

Why Your Window Is Leaking & What To Do.

  • What is a window?
    No question should be called “stupid.” The fact is that understanding exactly what a window is can help you see the need for its leaks to be repaired. A window is an opening in a home’s wall or roof that is fitted with transparent material that allows you to look out and light to pass through.
  • What should not pass through a window?
    We now know that a window is meant to only allow light through. However, a window should not allow moisture of any kind within your home.


  • Bad installations
    A window leak is most likely due to a bad installation. Pro Home is known for skylights and window installations and we never cut corners in material or labor time.


  • Window age
    A window leaking can also just be normal wear and tear due to the materials being old. These things happen and are not a big deal if handled quickly and accordingly.


  • Mold  
    Moisture seeping into your home’s walls can cause nasty mold to grow which not only looks bad, but is also damaging to your home’s walls.


  • Seal
    Water within your window but on the inside can be a sign of bad sealant. This is another specialty Pro Home takes pride in. We can assist in repairing your home window’s sealant issues.


  • Cost
    The cost to replacing window sealing and replacing the window and surrounding walls are obviously going to greatly differ. Thus, catching window leaks before moisture has damaged your home’s walls is very important. Call or fill in the contact form on this page to be contacted by one of our experts in regards to your window leaks.

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