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Window Repair Suffolk County Long Island NY

We Also Offer 24 Hour Emergency Chimney Repair throughout Suffolk County!

Pro Home Construction offers the best value in home glass repair and replacement services on Long Island.

Our expert specialists can handle window repair, replacement, glass doors and skylights. Not only can we repair and replace your window, we can protect your entire home.

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We have the experience and tools needed to repair new and antique windows across Suffolk County Long Island!

If your windows are damaged, but not to the point of needing replacement then seek the help of an expert. Window repair is more affordable than replacement and necessary before windows get to the point where they require upgrading. Here is some information on what homeowners should know about window repair.

Why Window Repairs Instead of Replacement?

  • Define window?
    A window is an opening in a home’s wall or roof that is fitted with transparent material that allows you to look out and light to pass through.
  • Keeping the aesthetic?
    Perhaps you strongly wish to keep your home looking as it did when it was first built. If this is the case then it makes more sense to maintain your homes windows and all of its other components instead of replacing them.


  • Trust a pro
    Yes, you can keep the home’s original windows with maintenance, but if the windows are not maintained and need more than a repair then trust in the opinions of a professional. The damage may be too much and an expert may advise replacement.


  • Antique windows
    If your windows are antique and can be repaired then that may be the decision you can make. However, costs will depend on the condition of the surrounding walls and damage of the windows themselves.


  • Warranty
    If you are still covered under your windows’ warranty then repairs may be a more feasible option.


  • Natural light
    Your home’s original windows could provide you with more natural light than the outer frames of replacements that cut into openings.


  • Why Pro Home Construction?
    We at Pro Home have over 20 years repairing windows all over Suffolk County and would love to be the team of experts you seek for help.

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