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Giving the outside of your home a slight refresh or a more telling facelift? Not sure? Well that’s natural, because the trim you choose depends on many things, including the architecture of your home, the condition of your existing siding and trim, the size of your budget and the glorious subjectivity of your opinion. Your choice of exterior trim mirrors how you see the world and shows the world how much (or little) showtime you want on your exterior.

Ready to explore? This is where it begins, from starting a design conversation around your eaves with trimboard to reinventing your windows with decorative moulding.

We specialize in all phases of custom exterior trim installation, repair and painting.

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The sky is the limit when it comes to custom exterior trim so choose a company that can help you reach it!

Custom exterior trim could be exactly what your home needs for its outward appearance. Whether you have thought over this project for a long time or are just looking for more information about the addition, we wanted to provide information on what can be done and the types of exterior trim.

Vinyl Siding Benefits   

  • What is vinyl siding?
    A home’s trim is the components that cover the edges of windows and doors and your soffit and fascia, frieze, etc.


  • Wood
    Wood exterior trim is said to look much more natural and to fit into practically any home’s aesthetics.


  • Frieze
    Frieze boards are trim that are on top of your home’s siding where it meets the soffit line.


  • Exposed fascia
    This trim “peaks” out under your gutters.


  • Hidden fascia
    Can be made with framing lumber and with your gutters dropping below the fascia line, they are not exposed.


  • Crown & dentil
    With a frieze board your home’s trim can also include cute additions such as dentil moldings and crowns. Ask a professional about the potential trim that can be added to the exterior of your home.


  • Why Pro Home?  
    We make custom exterior trim. It is what we do and we’re good at it. How good? Pro Home has tons of google reviews with past and current clients raving about our custom exterior trim work.

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