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Missing shingles can be a huge problem for the integrity of your home. When it comes to the integrity of your home every shingle matters and they all require care. However, shingles can go missing or be dislodged. This can occur from heavy rain, wind, hail, and other weather factors.

Every part of your roof needs to be properly maintained. Especially, your roof's shingles. If your roof's shingles are prone to dislodging or have been effected by weathering and "wear and tear" give Pro Home Construction the chance to help.

Pro Home Construction is your one-stop provider for professional roofing services provided by technicians that have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. We work hard to provide the highest quality roofing you can depend on at a fair price.

We are experienced in all types of roofing systems including asphalt shingle, flat/rubber, cedar shake, metal roofs,bitumen, TPO, Thermoplastic Polyolefin, EPOM or rubber, and more!

Missing Shingles might not sound like it can cause a lot of damage to your home, but we promise it can and will. Even just one can cause a tone of damage to your home and roof. Below you will find some of the damage missing shingles can cause.


  • Homes Insurability


Having missing shingles can cause issues with your homeowners’ insurance policies. This is due the fact that most policies require reasonable care to maintain the property. This is important because it could be the difference between your insurance company paying out for any interior damage.  

  • Insurance Renewal

Insurance is something that often goes unnoticed until you need it, or something comes up. When it comes time for renewals you do not want to find out that your insurance company has sent you a home insurance cancellation notice. If your insurance company conducts a spot check and finds that you have even just a few missing shingles. It can be cause for them cancelling their insurance with you.

  • Decrease the Value of your home



Missing shingles can show an unsightly appearance of your home. This can case a decrease perceived value of your home. With buyers thinking that there could be more damage some where else. Or if you have taken care of your home over the years.



  • Water Damage


With missing shingles water can start to get under your roof. Causing an array of issues like mold and mildew. Now this is a case-by-case bases, and also depends on how well your roof was installed. As well as location of the missing shingle. If it was covering a seam then yes, it can cause leaks and water damage.

  • Damage to other areas

A few missing shingles can cause damage or leaking to your attic, crawlspace, ceilings and insulation. This type of damage might not be found until it requires an extensive repair and with it an extensive repair.




There are several things that can cause your roof to be missing shingles.


  • High Winds


One of the most common misconceptions is that a roof must experience a storm to cause roof damage. This is simply not the case. High Wands can cause shingles to fall off. This will vary depending on how old your roof is, how well it was installed and what materials were used during the installation of your roof. Along with if your roof already has damage from other factors.



  • Storms


One of the most common elements to cause roof damage. There is a reason that there is usually a roofing salesperson at your door after a storm. Even a small storm can cause missing shingles to your roof. Which if caught and replaced quickly can prevent extensive damage down the road.


  • Homeowners


With owners walking on there roof, and not knowing how and where to place their feet. We have noticed that with out releasing it, they are knocking shingles loose or even making them fall off.


  • Age

Age is one of our other most common culprits when it comes to missing shingles. As your roof ages, so does all the material that was used for it. This includes seals, shingles and everything else. Nothing can beat father time.



  • Hail

This one is what most people are familiar with.  When hail comes, it brings damage to roofs, cars and so much more. If you have experienced a hailstorm, we always suggest having your roof inspected and looked over. You will know just how bad the storm was if you find a roofing salesperson at your door a few days or week after the hailstorm hit.



This list was just a few examples of what can cause missing shingles and what damage they can cause. As always, we suggest going over these things with a roofing expert.  If you’re looking for a roofing company in your area that you can trust then look no further! We at Pro Home NY have you covered!

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