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Need a chimney brick repair on Long Island? It is not uncommon for brick chimneys to crumble with age.

Chimneys are often positioned in exposed areas of the roof, and crumbling can occur due to weathering even if other brickwork around your home is in good condition.

In most cases, a crumbling chimney means the mortar between the bricks has degraded, the bricks have cracked, or both.

Repairing a chimney that has started to crumble is a task most homeowners can do themselves.

Often it requires you to repoint the mortar and replace any damaged bricks. Give Pro Home Construction a call today to discuss repairing bricks in your chimney.

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If you need having your chimney brick repaired, then look no further! We at Pro Home NY have you covered. With our years of experience, you can rest easy know that the job will be finished on time, the first time and within budget. Now if you are on this page then that more than likely means that you think you may need a repair on your chimney. Or you are just doing your due diligence to see the signs of needing chimney brick repair. Let us go ahead and look:


  • Cracks

If you see that your chimney bricks have cracks, then its time to have them replaced.


  • Interior damage

If you see moisture within your walls. Since this is a common issue with other failing parts of your chimney, we suggest having an expert look to find the exact cause.


  • Bowed Bricks

If you see one bowed brick, then that is usually a sign that there are others.


  • Deterioration

If you notice that your mortar has started to deteriorate and let the problem, persist then it could lead to damage for your bricks.


  • Frost Boil

Bulging bricks are never a good sign. If you see this then call your chimney company ASAP.


  • Spalling

If you see this then moisture has gotten into your chimney.


  • The Pro Home Advantage

When you choose Pro Home NY you are choosing the experts in the chimney repair field.


If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, then feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below.


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