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A pre fabricated chimney on Long Island is made from metal and is an alternative to a traditional masonry chimney, which is made from mortar and brick.

Pre fabricated chimneys have been available since the 1980s and are typically used with pre fabricated fireplace systems. When it comes time to select fireplace systems for their remodeled or newly constructed homes, homeowners should be aware of the pros and cons of pre fabricated chimneys.

The pros and cons of owning a pre-fabricated chimney. The pre fabricated type of chimney is less prone to leakage than is a masonry chimney. However, if it is not properly maintained, the sealant around the storm collars or chimney lining pipes can deteriorate and cause leaks.

A leak can also result if the chimney chase cover is damaged. Therefore, annual chimney inspection is recommended to ensure that the system is in peak operating condition.

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Prefab chimneys are not without their cons, but they also have a lot of positive aspects to them. As the homeowner, the only one who can make the decision for your new home’s addition of a prefab chimney or mortar chimney is you, but below we have noted some of the benefits and other info on the prefab chimney you may not know. Call on Pro Home should you require any help or have any further questions on prefab chimneys.

Prefab Chimney Benefits, Pros, and Repairs:

  • What is a prefab chimney?
    A pre-fabricated chimney is made from metal and is an alternative to a traditional masonry chimney, which is made from mortar and brick.


  • Less prone to leaks
    The sealant need be maintained more so than its opposite, but the prefab chimney is far less prone to leaking.


  • Maintenance
    A professional is needed for maintaining your chimney regardless of the materials used, but if properly maintained a prefab chimney can last a long time.


  • Lifespan
    A well installed and properly maintained prefab chimney could last up to 30 years.


  • Less likely to smoke
    Prefab chimneys are made with less joints and less seams. Therefore, they are less likely to have smoke or exhaust leak into your home.


  • Less leaks
    Also, having less joints means that a prefab chimney naturally has less places that could be weak and leaky.


  • A stronger support system
    Prefab chimneys comes from the factory with its components attached. The fireplace and chimney are together as one unit, made of metal,  not requiring substantial footing to support it or adding more weight by leaning onto your home for support.


  • Cost
    Feel free to contact Pro Home Construction for an expert to visit you in person and provide a thorough estimate based on your home’s needs.

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