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Chimney pointing on Long Island is important for your home and chimney maintenance.

When the mortar on your chimney has deteriorated, it can expose the masonry material to excessive moisture.

It is imperative to replace the mortar before the internal damage worsens, causing serious (and expensive) problems. Chimney pointing involves scraping out ineffective & deteriorating mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar.

The process of tuckpointing recreates the original condition of the bricks and mortar, keeping harmful moisture out of the important components of your chimney system.

This critical work can add many decades to the life of your chimney because it prevents water from entering between the bricks, causing cracks or spalling.

Call our experts at Pro Home Construction for more info on how we can help with your brick mortar repair on Long Island.

Some of our other services include Roof Tarp Installation, Roof Ridge Caps, Shingle Roofing and more!

This process includes refreshing the external portion of your chimney mortar joins. After so long these joins will being to decay and allow the weather elements inside of your chimney. Once water has made its way into your chimney, you can start to expect some very costly repair bills to be behind it.

  • Cracks

If you notice cracks showing up around the other surface of your chimney joints, then its time to call a chimney expert.

  • Gaps

If you see gaps between the mortar and masonry

  • Loose Bricks

If you see or can feel lose bricks on your chimney.

  • Damp Masonry

If you touch your masonry and notice damp areas on it

  • Water

If you notice water has gotten into your home’s interior walls

  • Water Stains

If you see water stains on your interior walls

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