Covid 19 Updates

Our Covid 19 Updates

Currently Pro Home Construction is conducting business as usual. We continue to offer estimates for all services to Long Island NY.

New York State Executive Order

According to New York State executive orders, Pro Home Construction is classified as an essential construction business as our services are “…necessary to protect the health and safety of occupants within a structure…” etc. We are following their required guidelines of keeping only essential employees on site throughout a project and whilst giving out new estimations. Please, do not worry, we can guarantee all our customers that this has not and will not effect our project timelines. Our estimated timelines and estimated costs are still the most precise in Long Island (within our own experience).

Day To Day Operational Changes

We are performing the following actions in order to put your health first:

  • Maintaining social distancing during our in person quoting process
  • Using face masks and coverings throughout the quoting process and all in person meetings
  • We will not force any clientele to do the same as we understand that some people have conditions that stop them from wearing this type of equipment
  • Maintaining employees on site that are absolutely critical to our service & safety requirements
Pro Home Construction Covid 19 updates in Long Island Policy

Thank you for your trust and maintained faith in the Pro Home Construction family. We love serving you Long Island. Please reach out if there are any questions or requirements you have in regard to these covid 19 updates in policy or anything else.

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