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Poor attic ventilation and no attic fan on Long Island can destroy a home and cost you more in energy usage. Do you have proper attic ventilation? More importantly, did you know that improper attic ventilation can have an adverse effect on your energy bill? Have an attic fan? Need one?

Our team of professionals can help ensure your home has proper ventilation. We offer attic fans and soffit vent installation and repairs, attic fan installations and replacements on Long Island, ensuring that your home will not suffer from a draft, and that air will circulate properly.

We offer a variety of different types, sizes and color attic fans, including solar and hard wired electric.

Contact Pro Home Construction today for a free evaluation of your attic ventilation systems.

We are experienced in all phases of gaco roofing such as install, repair, and maintenance!

If you are in the market for a Gaco Roof or are looking for more information you have come to the right place! We at Pro Home NY like to make sure all our customers have all of the information in front of them so they can make an informed decision. Gaco Roofing has several benefits. Let’s go ahead and look at what they are!



  • Protections VS Water Damage

The material that Gaco Roof consist of offers great protection from water damage. With the silicone coating being 100% waterproof, you can rest easy knowing that it will provide preventative measures for your roof.


  • Works for Most Roofs

Gaco Roof can be used on flat and traditional roofs and even large or small buildings. It can also be used on PVC, TPO and modified bitumen. So, it is truly a great solution for most roofs. This product also works great for both commercial and residential roofs!


  • Preventing Leaks

Just like everything in roofing, if this product is applied correctly it can permanently protect your roof and ceiling from leaks. Which truly gives homeowners a sense of relief. Water damage can be devesting to any home, and the time to get everything repaired and cost can break most families. Gaco Roofs can prevent leaks by its moisture curing coating, this coating reacts chemically when exposed to moisture. Which then in turns prevents any water from entering through the coating.


  • Sun Protection

Were not saying its sunscreen for your roof, but it does a great job at protecting your roof from the sun’s ray. However, a roof with a white coating will reflect the suns rays. A white coating will also reduce cost on roof maintenance and cost on controlling room temperature. Which in turn helps keep your electric bill lower and reduces your carbon footprint!


  • Mold Be Gone

When a Gaco Roof is installed, adding a silicone coating naturally prevents mold and mildew growth which prevents moisture passing through its layer. Which just means no more mold!


  • Increased Roof Life Span

When that extra coating becomes part of regular maintenance for your roof it will pro long the life of your roof. Which reduces roof repair and replacement cost! Putting more money back into your pocket.




  • The Silicone

As we have said above, the silicone in Gaco Roofing offers a ton of benefits. Just being made of silicone it will outlast other roof coating materials. This includes acrylic, urethane, and even asphalt coating. This silicone is designed to last if it can. However, just as we find time and time again. Nothing can prevent all wear and tear; it will always happen.


  • NSFP151 Certified

This certification says a lot about Gaco Roofing. This is an independent test for rainwater catchment systems. That have found no impart contaminants that exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water regulations or advisories. Which is kind of cool if you ask us.


  • Easy Application

As we have said before, we always try to be honest with our clients. We want all our clients to know that they are working with an honest company that always has its clients best intertest at heart. Gaco Roofing is extremely easy to apply. While we will always suggest having a roofing company for these types of things. This just makes sure that everything is installed correctly. Other wise you may find your self with a hefty bill down the road.


  • Resistant


Since this roof is flexible, it helps remain resistant to pressure and exerting forces without cracking. While everything has a breaking point, it will be hard press to find an area that these types of roofs will crack.



Overall if you are in the market for a Gaco Roof we can’t say anything bad about the product. It offers great protection, easy to apply, durable and provides great value to any roof its installed on. If you are in the market for a Gaco Roof then feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below!

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