Roof Caulking

Roof Caulking – Long Island NY

Pro Home Construction expertly perform commercial building caulking on Long Island. Acrylic caulk can expand and compact up to 12%, while new silicon-urethane hybrid sealants can expand and compact as much as 150% when they are installed and shaped right.

This is not simple do-it-yourself work. If the sealant is shaped or installed improperly, it can crack or tear very quickly. Delivering proper two-point adhesion and the correct hourglass shape requires experience and a bit of artistry.

New sealants should last 20-30 years, and our inspections are free and can help you avoid huge damages. We even install energy-efficient window replacements and install caulking around them as well.

You can count on Pro Home Construction for all your roof caulking needs and concerns.

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