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Poor attic ventilation and no attic fan on Long Island can destroy a home and cost you more in energy usage. Do you have proper attic ventilation? More importantly, did you know that improper attic ventilation can have an adverse effect on your energy bill? Have an attic fan? Need one?

Our team of professionals can help ensure your home has proper ventilation. We offer attic fans and soffit vent installation and repairs, attic fan installations and replacements on Long Island, ensuring that your home will not suffer from a draft, and that air will circulate properly.

We offer a variety of different types, sizes and color attic fans, including solar and hard wired electric.

Contact Pro Home Construction today for a free evaluation of your attic ventilation systems.

Some of our other services include skylight repair, skylight leak repair, new roof installations and more!

Roof caulking often are used more then true sealants. So, what is roof caulking and what is it used for? Well, we have the answer to that and more! A caulk has limited movement capability and is a substance that when used to fill a joint can accommodate less then 12 percent movement. So, let’s go over when to use a roof caulking and why its used.



  • Leaks

If you have a leak on your roof that cannot be fixed by other means. Then roof caulking is a solution that can be used!


  • Filling Gaps

If you have a gap that needs to be filled and that will not experience much expansion or contraction than roof caulking is the way to go!


  • Fills Cracks

This also is a great tool to fill certain cracks in your roof. While we suggest having a roofing company look at any damage first, this is a solution.


  • Resistant

Depending on what type of caulking and brand you purchase, it can be resistant to UV damage and other extreme weather conditions.


  • Application

This can be somewhat tricky. You want to make sure that the hole / crack is filled when applying this. If not done correctly and can cause damage to your roof and interior walls.


  • Waterproof

While this may seem like we are stating the obvious. When purchasing roofing caulking make sure it is waterproof. While most are, there are a few that are not and used in different situations.


  • Lifespan

About five to ten years is the average life span of roof caulking.



Overall roof caulking is a very simple product. It can be used for several different problems and is an inexpensive solution. If you have questions about roof caulking or would like to know more feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below!

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