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Rubber roofing can last half a century if you take proper care in your commercial building's roof maintenance. This is not an exaggeration, we at Pro Home Construction are strong believers in the right maintenance and choosing the right team of professionals.

Thusly, when choosing a roofing material your business will either be focused on maintaining the same roof over a long term or on the repairs of a lesser material over a shorter period. This is not to suggest that other materials should not be used, but to simply point out that there is a reason why rubber roofing can cost three to four times more than asphalt shingles per square foot.

Whatever material your business chooses, both licensed and insured, we offer residential and commercial roofing services on Long Island, both commercial and residential. From new construction and installations, to flat roof and leak repairs, we are a full service roofing company on Long Island.

Other services we offer are Chase Covers, Chimney removal, Chimney repair and much more!

Just as the name says. Rubber roofing is made up of rubber of plastic polymers. These materials are usually eco-friendly and made from recycled items. These roofs can help reduce leaking and make a more impenetrable seal. It can also go where typical asphalt roofing cannot. Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of rubber roofing shall we?





  • Long Life Span

If taken care of properly rubber roofing can last half a century. Yes, you read that right, half a century. Proper maintenance is key to making them last.


  • Durability

Rubber roofs are weather resistant and completely waterproof. These roofs can also handle hail and other weather conditions that might damage other types of roofs.


  • Super Resistant

These roofs are much stronger compared to other roofs. They are less likely to crack in extreme weather like asphalt roofing.


  • Affordable

Compared to other types of roofs, rubber roofing is affordable. While it does depend on what type of materials you purchase.


  • Low Maintenance

While no roof requires zero maintenance, rubber roofing only requires minimal maintenance. However, if something does break then more than likely the repair will be simple and cheap to fix.


  • Lower Electric Bill

Rubber roofs can help maintain your homes heating and cooling. This is done by trapping in heat or reflecting the sun’s rays.


While there are several more pros to rubber roofing, we only wanted to touch on the main points. Or at least the points that we thought were important. Now let’s take a look at some of the cons.





  • Appearance

While this is not the only drawback, it is the primary one. Homeowners take great pride in their home. After all it is more than likely that biggest investment that they have and thus appearances matter.


Overall, we truly think that you can not go wrong with installing a rubber roof to your home or place of busines. However, if you would like more information about rubber roofing then feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below!

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