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If you already have siding on your home that you love, then you already know how important your siding is to keeping your home warm in the winter and your energy bills low in the summer.

Don’t leave damaged or missing siding ignored. Have a professional look at it right away to prevent any further damage, water intrusion or more.

When your siding is new in great shape, it will turn the heads of passersby and be admired by your neighbors.

Given the many ways that your home’s siding can bring out the best in your property, it is important to make sure it stays that way.

If you want to keep the exterior of your home looking great, Pro Home Construction Inc. expert siding contractors will be ready to give your home’s exterior the touch up it needs.

We repair all types of siding across Long Island NY!

We all want our home’s outside appearance to be appealing to guests and those that see it. Not only this, but owning a home is such a big investment that when it looks like it needs repairs our stress levels are raised. Your siding is the biggest thing people see when they look at your home. Here are some signs to look for to know when your siding is simply in need pf repairs and not yet replacement.

Signs of Siding Needing Repairs

  • Signs of animal tampering
    Wood siding is can be damaged by squirrels and woodpeckers. If there are shingles with signs of wildlife tampering, then this is a sign some siding need be repaired but not all of it replaced.
  • Cracks or gaps
    The heat or simple age of your panels can cause eventual warping or flexing. These panels may be able to be repaired but consider replacing your siding completely soon.


  • Utility bill increasing
    If your utility bill keeps slowly moving upward then it may be a sign that there is a gap within your siding and that your HVAC is leaking somewhere. This can be repaired.


  • Bubbles
    Vinyl siding may experience some warping or areas with bubbles due to extreme heat conditions.


  • Missing paint
    Missing paint can be re-added and does not call for all of your siding to be replaced.


  • Peeling paint
    You may be surprised to know that if the paint inside your home starts to pull away from your home’s walls then this may be a sign that its time for siding repairs. Your siding helps control the proper climate inside of your home. Seek Pro Home to find out if correcting this climate change can be done with siding repair.


  • Discoloration
    Your siding becoming discolored may not be a sign for repair, but a sign for entirely new siding panels. This seemingly small issue may be a sign of a bigger issue below the surface.


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