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Skylight Tube Installation Suffolk County Long Island NY

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Skylight tube installation experts. Get light in almost any room of your home.

Direct clean, natural daylight and tunnel it to just about any location in your home or business with skylight tubes – a way to let the sun really shine.

Skylight tubes are affordable, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior spaces where traditional skylights and windows simply can’t reach.

These skylights are also sometimes called “tubular skylights,” “light tubes,” “sun pipes,” and even “light tunnels”

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Owning a skylight is a great thing for those looking to add to their home’s aesthetics, but it also needs to be maintained. It is not just a window; a skylight is a window in your roof. So, when it leaks this can create far more issues than any window installed to the side of your home. Here are the signs that your home’s skylight may have a leak and what can cause skylight leaks.

The Benefits of Adding A Tubular Skylight.

  • What is a tubular skylight?
    Just like its name suggests, tubular skylights are tube-shaped devices that, through a rooftop lens and reflective-lined tube, capture sunlight and deliver it to the interior space of a home or office. 
  • More sunlight
    Tubular skylights can add up to three times the direct sunlight than regular windows.
  • How does it work?
    A tubular skylight uses a rooftop dome to capture the sun’s light. The light is amplified through a reflective duct on its way down the interior of the home below.
  • Flexible installation
    This type of skylight does not need to be installed directly above the interior to receive the suns light. It can be installed away from this site in order to avoid obstructions or based on the home’s needs.
  • Manufactured  
    Some tubular skylight manufacturers build leak-preventing flashing attached to the skylight which should effect your choice in purchasing.
  • Even lighting
    A light capturing dome can redirect low-angle sunlight and reject harsher summer sun for an even feel of lighting throughout the day.
  • Cost
    Pro Home Construction can help find a quote based on your home’s needs and the level of work necessary to add your one or multiple tubular skylights.
  • Utility bills
    Having even lighting and longer days with interior lighting because of a tubular skylight installation could save you 20% annually on your electricity bill.

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