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When choosing a full-service company for flat roofing, homeowners and businesses look for a trustworthy provider that they can count on. Pro Home Construction prides itself on being that provider. In fact, with over 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about good customer service.

All of the reviews on our website are real and from our google listing. We are professional and punctual flat roof repair men and women.

A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. This type of roof is most seen on commercial buildings due to their great use of space both on the inside of the building and outside. In fact, flat roofing can save commercial property owners a lot of money on maintenance and repairs.

However, this is not the case for those flat roofs that are not properly taken care of. Trust in Pro Home Construction for your flat roofing. Contact us for all of your construction needs.

We are experienced in all types of roofing systems including asphalt shingle, flat/rubber, cedar shake, metal roofs,bitumen, TPO, Thermoplastic Polyolefin, EPOM or rubber, and more!

By having Pro Home install or repair your flat roof you can rest easy knowing that the job will be completed on time, within budget the first time. We take great pride in our working and knowing that our customers are just as proud of our work as we are. If you are looking for some reasons to have a flat roof installed on your business or home than look no further!


Reasons to have a flat roof installed on your home or business.

  • Expense

With the cost of building and installing the materials commonly used for flat roofs. You will find that they are much cheaper. This makes flat roofs very affordable for both installation as well as repairs. Labor also tends to be less expensive on these types of roofs. The reason? Less risk while installing and repairing these flat roofs.

  • Space

With a flat roof you will find that you have space on your roof now! What does this mean for you? Well, a few things. One you can have Air condition units on the roof now! Or even flat roof solar racking! Which well be less visible to those on the outside.

  • Appeal

While it truly comes to personal preference. Flat roofs do offer an architectural appeal. Something different then standard roofs.

  • Accessibility

Flat roofs tend to be more accessible than roofs that are sloped. These roofs are easier to climb upon to inspect and repair. While we are not saying that anyone can climb these roofs, they are much more stable then slanted roofs and as we said before. Due to their accessibility, it makes repairs and installs less expensive.

  • Durability

Due to the materials that flat roofs are made of and how they are installed. You will find that they are extremely durable. While each roof is different, most products used for flat roofs can resist basic elemental damage for several years. This is due to the gravel and tar structure of most flat roofs.

Now while there are several advantages of having a flat roof. There will always be disadvantages of having one. We at Pro Home NY take pride in being up front and honest about these types of things. As we never want to mislead our customers.

  • Sealing

While this is not a problem at first. If the topcoat and under layer has not been properly sealed. Then you can run into issues with the roof’s integrity. This can be prevented by making sure that the company installing your flat roof has the experience and knowledge to check for these types of things.

  • Easy to Clean

Since a flat roof is easier to teach than most roofs. This means that maintenance is easier as well. Removing mold, water, snow and stains from your roof regularly will help prevent debris from building up.

  • Draining

We consider this to be one of the biggest disadvantages of flat roofs. With the lack of draining, water will puddle and stay on the roof. This can lead to the breakdown of roofing material or future leaks. This is a huge issue along the seams. When having a flat roof installed this can be prevented by making sure your roofing company installed specific mechanisms to address proper drainage.

  • Material

Materials for flat roofs can be a bit scarce. However, this depends on what material you choose for your flat roof. While rolled roofing is used on most flat roofs. You also have Rubber shingles, poly carbonate roofing and PVC roofing. These are becoming more available and may last longer.

  • Debris

We mentioned draining being an issue earlier. That also means debris can build up and cause issues for your flat roof. Snow can be a huge issue for flat roofs. Which is why we offer snow removal. We promise it isn’t because we love snow. However, this can be avoided by having a company come out an inspect your roof during the suggested intervals.

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