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Skylight Repair Suffolk County Long Island NY

We Also Offer 24 Hour Emergency Skylight Repair Suffolk County!

If you have a damaged or leaky skylight on Long Island, no need to worry! Just call Pro Home Construction and we’ll help you get it fixed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Skylights can add light, beauty and value to your home but they can have issues as they age.

Whether your skylight is leaking, has broken or foggy glass, or won’t open or close as it should, you can rely on us to help you diagnose the issue and give you options to get your skylight fixed quickly and cost-effectively.

If your skylights can be fixed at a lower cost than having them replaced, we will give you those options.

We specialize in lower-cost skylight repair options, that you likely won’t find available elsewhere.

Give us a call for a free skylight repair estimate on Long Island today!

Pro Home can handle all types of skylight repairs including fixing tubes, flashing, or leaks.

By calling Pro Home Construction for your skylight repair in Smithtown or anywhere within long island, you are calling roofers you can trust to help get you back to normal. Here Are Some Signs You May Need Skylight Repair In Smithtown:
  • What is the age of your skylight?
Skylights come with varying lifespans, but the general rule of thumb is to replace them every 10 years. However, this timeline can be pushed up if the skylights haven’t been properly maintained over time. Thus, you must ask yourself if you have taken care of the skylight properly overtime. In fact, you can also have a licensed skylight installer like Pro Home take care of this for you.
  • Skylights Are Now Yellow or Discolored
Overtime your skylight may become discolored or murky. In fact, this discoloration can stop light from coming into your rooms. The point of a skylight to let in extra light, look good, and save you money on your power bill. Thus, there’s no point if none of these goals are being met. Seek help from an expert for replacement if you’re having this issue.
  • Cracked Glass
Obviously, this means that it is time to replace the skylight. Cracked glass is not appealing and is dangerous to have looming over the heads of yourself and your home’s guests.
  • Is Your Skylight Leaking?
Your skylight is not just a window, it’s a part of your roof. If there is leaking then you have to address the issue before your home’s walls develop mildew or worst. The experts at Pro Home can help with leaking skylight repair in Smithtown or throughout Suffolk County. We have over 20 years of service to long island homeowners. Fill out a contact form to the right or give us a call today for assistance.
  • Is There Condensation?
Condensation can become a very big problem with a skylight depending on where you live or the temperature within your home. Are you getting condensation on the glass? If so, stop waiting on it’s replacement and contact Pro Home for a free estimate. We advise you do this before pools of condensation or ice dams begin to consistently form.
  • Expanding Cracks are another sign for immediate repair
As we stated above, your skylight looks like a “roof window” which makes it easy to forget, but it is still a part of your roof. Everyday it shields your home from rain, sleet, and ice. Thus, it eventually can become damaged with cracks. Some older types of skylights can even begin to crack due to their age or the age of their acrylic material.
  • Upgrading your roof
If you’re installing a new roof or even just have skylights that are older than 20 years then the chances are that there are upgrades that should be made. Let us inform you on the more energy efficient skylights or the more efficient installation methods.

When we as homeowners are pro-active instead of reactive, we save money and time later down the line. That’s what we’re here for. Pro Home has helped long island homeowners for over 20 years. Your roof has you covered, but who’s watching over your roof and skylight needs? We would love to be that team of experts. Contact Pro Home using the contact form on this page for an expert to reach out and assist you.

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