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Skylights leak repair experts on Long Island. A leaking skylight may be an indication of a serious hidden damage.

If you notice a leak around your skylight, you’ll need to have your skylight repairs performed as soon as possible because a leak around the skylight may indicate a serious need for roofing repairs.

Because skylights interrupt and penetrate the surface of a roof, they are particularly prone to leaking. Rainwater flows down the roof, collects at the top of the skylight, builds up, and eventually finds a place around the edges where it can come dribbling inside.

Skylights are typically manufactured with their own integral metal flashing—a flat metal flange that extends from the body of the skylight and tucks underneath the roof shingles.

In some cases, a skylight is set up on a curb that is flashed with continuous flashing along the base, step flashing up the sides, and saddle flashing across the top, similar to the way a chimney is flashed.

Before you crawl into the attic to find the source of the leak, consider the possibility of condensation. Pro Home Construction are specialists when it comes to repairing skylights. Give us a call first and let us help repair your skylight.

Pro Home has over 20 years of experience fixing skylight leaks!

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Owning a skylight is a great thing for those looking to add to their home’s aesthetics, but it also needs to be maintained. It is not just a window; a skylight is a window in your roof. So, when it leaks this can create far more issues than any window installed to the side of your home. Here are the signs that your home’s skylight may have a leak and what can cause skylight leaks.

Why Does A Skylight leak & What To Do.

  • Improper installation
    We at Pro Home Construction have sometimes come across skylights that were not properly installed and thus, eventually started leaking. Do not fret, we can help.


  • Flashing
    If the flashing on your skylight is failing or the sealing needs replacement then this could be the cause of your skylight leaking.


  • Insulation
    Any professional skylight installer will start by checking your insulation and flashing in the case of your skylight leaking. Improper installation of the insulation can cause leaking skylights later on.


  • Melting Snow
    Snow that melts and makes its way into your roof or home through infiltration can damage both your home and roof.


  • Cost  
    The cost to this repair could be simple and affordable if caught early enough, but sometimes the skylight is beyond repair and needs replacement. A professional would be able to tell you what the needed steps are.


  • Catch the culprit early
    Regardless of what the cause of the skylight leaking is, it needs to be found and taken care of as soon as possible before it does long term damage to your home’s roof or interior.


  • Condensation
    Perhaps it was installed correctly and still has its insulation and flashing intact, but debris has caused a dam for moisture to seep indoors. This could be a sign of cracks in the skylights joints or corners causing this leakage. Let us help you find out as soon as possible.


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