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Fascia is a term which generally describes any vertical surface which spans across the top of columns or across the top of a wall. Specifically, used to describe the vertical “fascia board” which caps the end of rafters outside a building, which can be used to hold the gutter.

The finished surface below the fascia and rafters is called the soffit. In classical architecture, the fascia is the plain, wide band across the bottom of the entablature, directly above the columns.

The fascia board is the one mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house and is often called the roofline. However most people refer to it by the name of the main board that carries the gutter – the fascia or fascias.

Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with these terms, so we thought you might appreciate a few words of explanation.

Leave it to the professionals, and give us a call today for your soffits or fascia board needs.

We have over 20 years replacing fascias in homes across Suffolk County!

How often are you as a homeowner checking your fascia to ensure its integrity?  Are you wondering what this means and exactly how to know if the system is failing? Well, below we have provided some information on what a fascia is and how to recognize it needs repair or replacement.

Signs Your Fascia Need Be Replaced  

  • What is A Fascia?
    Your roof’s fascia is the board that runs along the lower part of the edge of your roof. It usually does the supporting of the bottom row of tiles.
  • Added protection
    Your soffit and fascia help keep your roof safe, while it keeps you warm.
  • Ice Dams
    Your fascia can see heavy damage through the winter when the chance for ice dam buildup is increased.
  • Painting
    If your fascia looks like it could use a painting then this could actually be a sign that it is need of replacing.
  • Rotting
    Rotting is a sign that your fascia is in serious need of replacement. Contact a pro as soon as possible for assistance with fixing this issue.
  • Wildlife
    Your fascia is supposed to keep little critters out of your roof overhang. If they are still getting in, then contact a pro today to find out the issue and why the system is failing.
  • Why Pro Home?  
    We are ready and willing to help Long Island homeowners with their fascia replacement needs. All our google reviews state the lengths we are willing to go for customer satisfaction. Do not wait. Contact us today for an estimate.

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