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Fireplace Restoration Suffolk County Long Island NY

We Also Offer 24 Hour Emergency Chimney Repair throughout Suffolk County!

We are fireplace restoration experts on Long Island, and can inspect your fireplace and chimney for problems related to cracks or deterioration, lightning damage, water leaks, or smoking problems.

For fireplace restoration and rebuilds, you have found the experts— Pro Home Construction professionals restore both beauty and function to masonry fireplaces across Long Island.

Give us a call today to see if we can restore your fireplace.

We are also experienced in all types of fireplace restorations such as gas, ethanol, and more!

Your fireplace may at times rust or show other signs that it needs to be shown some attention by a professional. Below is some information so you as a homeowner know  exactly what to look for.

What Are The Biggest Signs That You Should Restore Your Fireplace?

  • Are you dealing with the aftermath of a fire?
    If you experience a fire due to problems with your fireplace, that’s obviously the biggest clue that it needs some restoration work.


  • You can smell gas
    If your fireplace uses gas for fuel and you can smell gas without the fireplace being lit then call a professional immediately.


  • Cracks
    Do not just fill in cracks yourself with any material you can find from a shop, contact a pro to help. We have the right tools needed for the situation.


  • White marks
    If you don’t frequently chalk the inside of your fireplace, we assume you do not, then there shouldn’t be any chalk markings within your fireplace. If there are then this is a sign of moisture that shouldn’t be there.


  • Smoke filled room
    Your fireplace is for warmth and good times, but if smoke instead is filling your room then call a Pro today to assist. This is bad for your health and prolonged exposure can lead to health issues.


  • Chimney fire
    The flames of a fireplace are normally contained within your fireplace, but if the chimney ever combusts itself, contact an expert and stop using it immediately. This means your fireplace is in need of repair or restoration immediately.


  • Rust
    If your fireplace damper is showing signs of rust then this is a sign of excess moisture and a need for some love from a professional. Contact Pro Home today for help.


  • Cost
    Cost of your fireplace’s restoration varies depending on the contractor and the mortar work needed. Feel free to give us a call today for an in person visit and free estimate.


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